Little Dragon Tell Us About Their Favourite Films

Daria Postnova,

On July 8, Little Dragon will perform at the Park Live festival in Moscow. The band's bassist Fredrik Wallin filled out our regular movie questionnaire.

The first movie you remember watching

My grandparents ran the local culture house. It had a bandstand for dancing, bingo and a cinema. There I had my first movie memory.
The first one i remember is the Robin Hood film directed by Wolfgang Reitherman. I havere watched that movie a couple of times and it's still great. The characters, the voices, the music and the animation.


The movie that "ruined" your childhood

Probably the first Jaws. It made all summer holidays by the ocean filled with a mixed feeling for the water. Also remember seeing movies like Poltergeist and The Lawnmower man at a too early age.


The movie you would've taken to a desert island

Probably not the Cast Away. It would be Monty PythonThe Life Of Brian or *The Meaning of Life.


**The first movie you saw at a movie theatre **

Probably same as first answer — Robin Hood — or Bamse, the strongest bear in the world. He eats special super honey to make him strong. All Swedes have read and seen them.


The last movie you saw at a movie theatre

The Black Panther. It was not a transforming experience but entertaining.


The worst movie you've ever seen

It was so bad I forgot its name. It was at a film festival. It was just violent, evil and without any explanation or sophistication.

The scariest movie you've ever seen

Im not a big fan of scary movies unless there is some comedy involved. Remember seeing The Blair Witch Project and a korean movie called Two Sisters. I think I stopped watching scary stuff after that.


The movie that made you cry hard

The Japanese movie Grave of the Fireflies. It's a animated movie about two children in Japan during World War II. It's an very emotional and poetic description of loss and survival.


The best movie you've ever seen

That is a very tough question, there are so many. I really like the Cohen brothers films. Like No Country for Old Men and The Big Lebowski of course. It’s such a cinematic experience seeing them. Time really stops. Also ) like Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s movies and Lynne Ramsey’s. But I guess I have to choose the same one I’m taking to the desert island right? Okay, Life of Brian... or... ahhhh.