Cut Copy tell us about their favourite films

Daria Postnova,

In our (almost) regular Sight & Sound section cool musicians tell us about the most important movies in their lives. This time we sat down with Dan Whitford from Cut Copy — and we couldn't be any happier with his cinematic choices: Werner Herzog, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jonah Hill. Cut Copy are performing in Moscow on July 24 — don't miss them!

Cut Copy

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The first movie you remember watching

E.T. — though I can only vaguely remember it, and I don’t think I really understood the story. But I remember thinking that I wanted a pet alien at home.

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The movie that "ruined" your childhood

I remember watching the original Nightmare on Elm Street movie on Halloween at a friend’s house when I was 10 years old. It was so scary, I think I slept with a light on for a year afterwards.

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The movie you would've taken to a desert island

I love Fitzcarraldo by Werner Herzog. It’s a film that I’ve watched many times and still enjoy. It was also one of the main inspirations during the making of our album Zonoscope.

Photo / Werner Herzog Filmproduktion

The first movie you saw at a movie theatre

I think the first movie i saw in the cinema was The Lost Boys. Obviously it was an 80’s classic. A couple of years ago we actually played a show in the town where they shot the film. They still have the pier and the boardwalk from the film where the vampires would hang out. It was amazing and creepy at the same time!

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The last movie you saw at a movie theatre

I think the last film I saw was Mid 90’s, the first film directed by Jonah Hill. It really took me back to that era and the feeling of being a young teenager (even though I didn’t really skate). But felt really authentic.

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The worst movie you've ever seen

I’d have to say The Room. It’s kind of obvious I guess, but it’s so bad that it’s fascinating. It’s also amazing that it has created such a cult following, and even a film about the film (The Disaster Artist).

The Disaster Artist. Photo / A24

The scariest movie you've ever seen

I think the scariest movie I’ve seen is Hereditary. And I saw it fairly recently. It’s amazing because it’s not like any other horror film I’ve seen. It doesn’t have any of the same tricks that all normal horror films use to scare you, but it somehow manages to be so disturbing the whole way through. The whole time you’re watching, you feel like something terrible is going to happen.

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The movie that made you cry hard

Hachi: A Dog's Tale. For some reason a sad story about a dog seemed to affect me ten times more than sad films about people. Don’t ask me why!

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The best movie you've ever seen

I find it hard to answer a question like that, but I’ll pick one of my favourites; I really loved There Will Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson when I first watched it. It’s such a grand, ambitious story about a really intriguing character. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing in it, the music by Kohnny greenwood is perfect and it is shot in a beautiful way. It’s a real modern classic.

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